This page contains a list of common questions about and the service we provide.

What is this site about? uploads your file to several free hosting providers. You just need to upload your file to our server once. After that, it will be automatically uploaded to file hosts like RapidShare, MegaUpload and others. After the file uploading process is ended, you will get the link to the download page which contains all the download links.

How do I upload a file?

Go to first page and than click the Browse button. A file dialog box will appear on your screen. Select a file you want to upload. If you want you can enter description of the file you are about to upload and then click the Upload button and wait for your file to finish uploading. This is it, everything else is done by our system.

Where is the Download Link?

After upload process to our server is over, the download link will be displayed. You can share this link with your friends or post it on the forums.

Why some download links show failed?

While uploading, some file host may be down temporarily. We do retry and if its not successful even after two attempts the file status is changed to Failed. If you try after few minutes it should probably work. Alternately you can check that particular file host website to see if there is any problem.

What is notify by email feature?

It's an optional feature which sends you an email with the link to the download page and the status of the upload. This is useful when you are uploading a large file, enter your email before uploading, and you won't need to wait for the entire upload process to be completed. The email you receive will contain the link to the download page and the status of the upload.

How long is a link valid on

As long as your link isn't a violation of our terms and get at least 1 view in the past 6 months, it will remain on our database. Inactive links are purged to free up system resources. .

After upload, can I copy/paste individual hosting sites' links directly rather than sharing link?

No, please always share download link. is a free service and we rely on advertising to cover the running fee. So please show your support by sharing link instead of using individual download links.

What will happen if I copy all the links and do not use the link?

We do appreciate you to pass the link along. Our system may block account/IPs of users who are in violation of our terms.

Still got a question?

Contact us threw the Email Contact- [at]