has developed a new method to reward his loyal members, Now you can earn money by sharing files.

All you need to do is to upload/share your files to your chosen servers using Service.

How to join and start earn money?

  • First you should have an account at to start collecting points, Click here to join and register new account. It's free, fast and easy.
  • Second login and upload your files to servers using service using one of the available options (Browse/Remote Upload), and get the download link for the file.
  • Share the download link at your website, with your friends or even at any website and start collecting Points.

Points, what can i do with this?
Each time a visitor download a file uploaded by you, you gain points.
Basically You get 1 point for each download, Then you can convert your points into Cash.
Note: you get only 1 point for downloading the file from one mirror, which means that you will NOT gain any extra points if the visitor try to download the same file from any other mirror.

How much do i get paid?
Right now we are paying on dollar(1$) for each 500 Points, This number can be raised in the future once.

When do i get paid?
Once you get 5000 Unpaid points, you can easily request your payment from your control panel using Request Payment Page.

What is the available payment methods?
Right now we have on payment methods, Paypal and WebMoney, Hopefully we will add more payment methods soon

How many days does it take to receive requested payment?
We have payment cycles, for Paypal and WebMoney we are reviewing/issuing payments every 7 business days,

If you have any questions, suggestions, critics or feedback you can contact us anytime from Contact us Email: Maxmirror[at]