Name : Kk Tylr

Size : 94 MB
Last Download : February 21, 2018

Description of Services.

The Services provide a user the ability to send and temporally store a file (a "User File") on one of's servers. The Services operate by sending and storing the specified User File on external Web sites, file storage services not maintained by (collectively "Third Party Services"), on behalf of the User. The links to control the User File on the Third Party Services will be stored on and then will display and/or email two generated unique links to the User. The User(s) can then access the download links to download the User File from the Third Party Services by clicking on one of the unique generated links. The other unique generated link is to attempt to delete thee User File from and from the Third Party Services.

What is ? is a free online service to Sends and mirror your files to more than 50 Mirrors within few steps.
  • Your files are mirrored to multiple hosting services. Uploading files to just one host is no guarantee that the files stay available for a longer time.
  • Redundant file backups. If one service go down, you still have access to your files.
  • File sharing is made easy as the downloaders of your content have more choice to download from their preferred hosting site.
  • Most of the file hosting sites impose various "limitations" to free users. Avoid being forced to buy premium accounts.
  • It saves your time and bandwidth.
  • And finally MaxMirror is rock solid, very reliable and completely free!.
  • Start uploading your files now!